Dental Sealants
  • The surface of our back teeth which we use to chew our food consists of deep grooves that are often very difficult to clean, making teeth susceptible to tooth decay.
  • Sealants are plastic materials used to fill in the deep grooves of the teeth, making them less susceptible to decay.
  • Sealants are usually placed on the primary teeth of children to protect their teeth from decay.
  • They may also be used on adults on permanent teeth that have deeper pits and grooves which may be susceptible to decay.

The treatment only takes a few minutes while a dental professional first prepares the teeth by cleaning the surfaces used for chewing by roughening the surface with special gel. The gel is then rinse off with water and the sealant is now able to stick to the surface. The sealant is then applied to the teeth to fill the deep grooves and pits in the teeth. A special light is used to cure the liquid plastic which makes it hard. The sealant is usually white in colour, similar to the colour of teeth.

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