Veneers and Bonding
There are often times when patients are unhappy with the appearance and shape of their teeth or with the spacing between them. These problems can be eliminated with treatments involving bonding and veneers. Bonding is an efficient way to repair chips in the teeth as well as close up gaps between front teeth to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Bonding is done with a white composite resin, like the material used for fillings, which is placed in position on the tooth and cured with a special light until it becomes hard and durable. Veneers, which are very thin acrylic or porcelain shells, may also be used to cover badly-stained, chipped or uneven teeth and completely change their appearance. Similarly to the crown and bridge procedures, the teeth a prepared and impressions are taken and sent to the dental lab where the veneers are custom made accordingly to the molds. At the second appointment, the veneers are fitted in the patient’s mouth to ensure the perfect fit before they are permanently cemented.