Dr. Albert Tung

Dr. Albert TungDr. Tung’s love for learning did not stop after receiving his D.D.S degree from the University of Alberta in 1988, but rather his thirst for knowledge continued throughout his career and is an avid learner who believes in life long learning.  Even with his hectic work schedule and building his practice, he has never stopped learning, and has taken numerous dental courses such as orthodontics, periodontal surgeries, implants, bone grafting, root canal treatments and full mouth reconstruction. 

As medical and technological advances happen, Dr. Tung has strived to stay up-to-date with courses in order to bring nothing less than the best practice to his patients. Although he is experienced in a variety of dental procedures, he has been recognized amongst his peers for his fine work in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and the surgical removal of wisdom teeth. 

Not only does Dr. Tung believe in being a life learning, he is also committed to sharing his knowledge with the public. He’s done this through various channels including Q&A sessions on the Canadian Chinese Radio Station FM94.7 and volunteering his time to those who need a helping hand at CUPS.  

His dedication has earned him his patient’s trust and respect and he values this relationship with his patients, making it his priority to ensure that each person coming through his practice feels welcomed. This trust has kept his patients traveling from abroad to visit their trusted dentist. 

He understands the fright that is often associated with the simple phrase, ‘going to the dentist’ but his sense of humour and fun personality eases that fear and ensures that each patient, young and old, feels safe and will leave without ever having to fear the dentist again. His dedication to creating a safe and fun environment for children has earned him the right to use the surgical suite with Alberta Health Services, where he is able to perform dental procedures under general anaesthetics for those little ones who are a tad more nervous.

It is safe to say that dentistry is not simply a job for Dr. Tung, but is his passion, a passion which he will continue to strive for new heights in.