Dr. Ruby Lai

DrLaiWebpageDr. Ruby Lai received her D.M.D degree at the University of British Columbia. She was the recipient of multiple academic awards and scholarships during her studies; furthermore, she was also on the Dean’s Honor List for four consecutive years.  Dr. Lai started working as an associate in Vancouver after graduation, where she received great mentorship from the principal of the clinic. Two years ago, she had the opportunity to serve the community in Fort McMurray, Northern Alberta. She performed all aspects of dentistry, as specialist care is limited. She is also a keen believer of continuous learning;  she would spend time weekly after work at study clubs and dental courses. 

 Dr. Lai is very caring and compassionate. She believes that listening to patients’ needs is important in providing comprehensive treatments and building long term, professional relationships.

Aside from work, Dr. Lai enjoys photography and travelling. Since her university days, she has been actively involved in international development. She is not only interested in how dentistry is done in different parts of the world, but most importantly, she also loves meeting new people and learning about their cultures. Even today, she travels around the world to volunteer and promote health, peace and equality.